September, 2016

StadiFit Health Center


Terveysliikuntakeskus FysioProVita and Stadi CrossFit have joined forces at StadiFit Health Center

The new Stadi Fit Health Center is now open with a more spacious layout and improved services to answer individual needs! Now you can find experts from different fields all under one roof ready to help you towards a healthier you.  Our services from physiotherapy and rehab all the way to personal training and small group CrossFit coaching and gym training, will make sure you’ll find the right fit for your needs without the need to go from a place to another.

FysioProVita has always searched ways to expand their services and be able to provide the best health services under one roof. This has been their goal since they started in 2005. The company has positively changed and evolved in the past decade. One of these steps was acquiring Sidas Medical orthotics importation in 2012 as an additional service.

Stadi CrossFit was born from the professional backgrounds of the primary founding partners in 2014. Over 30 years of combined working experience in the fitness and sport industry gave them the practical expertise to create a different, more individualised approach. The driving force behind the company is the belief that quality fitness and health coaching services require a personal touch and community element to it.

In 2015 FysioProVita and Stadi CrossFit joined forces. We have the same goal and philosophy. Together we were able to create a comprehensive health center with a large variety of services. We are excited for this new phase for our community and the level of services that we are able to provide our clients with.

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