Choosing the right footwear

There are three essential aspects being weel in your shoes:

1. Choosing the right footwear :

The foot is the most fragile and sensitive part of a person’s body. Choosing footwear that fits the foot properly will almost always avoid the onset of deformations and pain in the forefoot. The most suitable footwear maintains an even distribution of the load between the rear foot and forefoot.

  • Heel no more than 3 to 4 cm high.
  • A rear stiffener that is fairly rigid will provide a snug fit for the heel.
  • The footwear must be sufficiently wide and have a rounded toe to give the toes enough room to move and allow them to remain in an anatomical position.
  • Allow a space of 1.5 cm at the toe.
  • Choose the right size.
  • Beware of the way a shoe loses its shape when walking!

Practical information
2. Choosing the right sock

  • Comfortable : differentiation between the left foot and the right foot, reinforcements to avoid friction and blisters, flat seams to reduce compression.
  • Breathable : to ensure temperature regulation of your feet, whatever the season.

Materials are becoming increasingly technically sophisticated. A foot specialist will help you make the right choice.

3. Obtaining suitable plantar orthotics:

Plantar orthotics are indispensable to your well-being. They form the perfect interface between your foot and your footwear, ensuring optimum comfort and sensations. Plantar orthotics can be very thin and made suitable for the different types of footwear.