Dynamic insoles

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Dynamic insoles are manufactured based on accurate personal lower limb analysis. The symptoms and load disorders together with the patient’s physique are taken into account when making insoles. The physiotherapists will also advice with training exercises to help the symptoms if needed.

The aim is to find efficient and best possible solution for medical problem that meets the needs of a patient.


The repetitive strain injuries in the lowerlimb

Repetitivepains and injuries that occur during or after exercises have different kinds of reasons. When pain occur the tolerance of the body is surpassed: the load is too heavy or the motion has occurred too often. Most of the repetitive straininjuries appear in the lower limbs or at the pelvis area. Every active person is likely to suffer from some kind of repetitive strain injury, which can be are sult of incorrect position of the feet.

If the aching is regular and always in the same part of the body, it is essential to take action before the ailment becomes chronic. One way to tackle the problemis to examine if there is a mechanic reason in the body movement that causes the injury. Most common repetitive strain injuries are different kinds of discomforts in the front of the foot and in the knees and hip, pains in the Achilles tendon, shin splint, and lower back, in addition to problems caused by the length difference between legs and pain that radiates to the lower limb. These ailments can be treated by examining and changing the biomechanics of the sportsperformance. With these prolonged diseases it is common that the discomfort isone-sided. If the injury or discomfort has been long-term it is advisable to see a specialised doctor and seek the reasons for the injury.

Optimising performance

Functional insoles are not only used to treat repetitive strain injuries, but also used for optimising performance. The optimal performance of the foot-ankle-knee-hip –axiscan be achieved with SIDAS insoles, which will improve the effectiveness of the exercise.

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