Foot specialist at work

He will carry out a full podiatric assessment and if necessary, suggest a suitable solution.

60The podiatric assessment:

Stage 1 : Investigating requirements.

The foot specialist fills out with the patient a question- naire about his or her lifestyle, medical history, location of pain, etc.

Stage 2 : Clinical examination of the patient.

The foot specialist investigates and palpates the foot to analyse the patient’s morphology. This stage is carried out with the patient first lying down then standing up ; the foot specialist tries to assess different aspects of the patient: joints, muscles, blood vessels, senses, morphology and skin.

Stage 3 : Gait analysis.

85The aim is to see whether the patient’s gait confirms the problems detected in the analysis. It consists of 84observing the forward foot movement and posture.

Stage 4 : Observation of deformation and shoe wear

This stage ascertains the effects that the patient’s surroundings and habits (urban location, sport, work) have on the functioning of his or her foot, and confirms the previous stages.


86Stage 5 : Moulding footprints.

If plantar orthotics need to be made, the foot specialist makes moulds of the patient’s footprints. Various techniques can be used for this: an imprint box containing expanded foam, ink and paper, a scanner or pressure sensors.