Premold insoles

Whatever your age, sport, activity or ability, 3D insoles are essential to your well-being.
The Sidas insoles personalise your shoes and fit them to the morphology of your feet, thus ensuring the perfect match between your feet and shoes for optimum comfort and feel.

Sidas specific insoles absorb shocks and prevent injuries and blisters. They act as a guide because they hold and stabilise your feet, and provide them with the ideal static and dynamic behaviour.
Insoles that from now on will be indispensable for your daily comfort to care for your feet and end foot pain.

Sidas 3 Feet insoles are premolded for different arch type; high, mid and low arch.


We are able to determine your foot arch type with the Feet revelator and thus find the best suited premold insole for your feet. Watch the video below to see the process.