A range of materials and modules for making all types of orthotics for all activities pursued by your patients and which satisfy your requirements for quality, effectiveness and high added value.
Our materials are developed and created specifically for the needs of podiatrists.

Sidas opened a new laboratory designed to map various materials to
measure their properties in order to determine the applications for which they
are most suited. At the same time, the laboratory was used to carry out accurate,
reproducible tests to quantify scientifically the effectiveness of different
materials and compare them with each other.
Quality and reliability are guaranteed by traceability and the testing procedures
for sheet materials.
How do you choose the right sheet materials?
To help you to choose the right sheet materials for you, a new double-entry
selection guide lists the materials both by family and by use:
The right material for the right use:
The first of your selection criteria is what you are going to use the material for.
To help you we have classified them into 4 categories:
Top layers, bases, comfort/correction elements and combination materials.

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