– Do your child’s feet or knees hurt when he/she does sport?
– Do you wear safety boots?
– Are you aged over 70 ? If you are, have you ever lost your balance while walking?
– Do you practise a sport for more than 2 hours a week?

Foot pain : forefoot and heel

– Do your feet hurt in the morning, at night or at the end of the day?
– Do you feel your nerves firing or experience tingling or pins and needles ? – Do you have a corn under your forefoot?
– Do your feet hurt when you wear a particular shoe?
– Do you have persistent pain under your heel, on the inside of or at the back of your foot?

Knee pain

– When you are sitting down do your knees hurt?
– When you walk downstairs, run or walk for a long time does it hurt?
– Do your knees hurt when you wear a certain type of shoe?

Back pain

– Do you stand up a lot at work,and do you get pain in the small of your back?
– Do you feel your nerves firing or experience pins and needles in one leg?
– Do you lose the feeling in one or more toes ?

If you have answered yes to more than 3 questions, we recommend that you consult a foot specialist.