Sidas Group

Since it was established in 1975, the Sidas group has been working with the foot professionals and helping the techniques used throughout the industry to ensure the advancement of the profession.

From analysis to training, Sidas equips foot professionals with analysis and measurement tools, materials and concepts, techniques and equipment, and offers training in material applications and the making of plantar orthotics.

The results of years of international experience in the medical and sports industries, the products developed by our R&D department are tailored to the needs of your patients. Through its product traceability system and control procedures, Sidas guarantees quality and reliability. All Sidas solutions comply with European legislation and bear the “CE” mark.

In manufacturing solutions, Sidas uses top-of-the-range hich-tech materials incorporating technologies developed at its own research centre. This combination of high-added-value materials has contributed to the scientific certification of Sidas solutions.

Sidas group has drawn its force from four essential values: Innovation, Passion, Performance and Commitment. Innovation at Sidas is rooted in the mind of each person, every day.

Studies carried our in France by the French Union for Foot Health have confirmed the efficiency and potential of plantar orhotics.