Sidas technologies

Sidas is the first partner for all those wanting to offer their customers the best technology, for all foot types, for all sports, all the time.

  • Silitene gel: a solution agains blisters to improve your foot comfort.
  • 3Feet technology: unique biomechanical solutions, called 3Feet and adapted to each foot type.
  • The Flashfit technology: allows 75% customization of your insoles in only a few minutes. The specialist heats a pre-shaped insole and fits it to your foot. Only part of the insole can be fully customized to your foot, the other pre-shaped part remains unchanged when heated.
  • The Custom technology: gives 100% customization of your insoles. The specialist moulds and then heats a flat insole. Placed on the patient’s footprint, the Custom insole hugs the shape of the foot completely, providing the best possible well-being.
  • Injected liners: Improve comfort and optimise your performance by using injected liners. This technology consists of injecting PU foam into your ski boot liners. By carrying out this operation directly on the patient’s foot, the technician obtains a liner that is 100% customized to the shape of your foot. You can then get the most out of the snow-covered slopes.
  • 3D ready to wear: For more comfort, pleasure and sensations when practising your sport, use 3D ready-to-wear insoles. The 3D insoles are pre-shaped and adapt to the shape of your foot to provide the ultimate in comfort. The 3D insoles absorb shocks, and prevent rubbing, blisters and fatigue.
  • Thermo-moulded liners: Our new liner “thermoulding” technology now lets us fit your liner as best as possible to the shape of your foot. For optimum results, an insole adapted to the shape of your foot and the activity to be practised should be used (Volcano, Flashfit or Custom). The thermo-moulded liner is heated at a constant temperature in a fan oven. It is then moulded into a suitable ski-boot shell for a pre-determined length of time. After a few minutes the liner is thermo-moulded to the shape of your foot.
  • A 100% customised ski boot: personalised by your boot-fitter, using the very best of the current technology for your wellbeing.





OPCT® is a concept of pre-conceived and pre-designed orthotic modules to suit your assembly method and equipment. This concept has been the subject of clinical and biomechanical studies providing scientific proof that it works.

The new OPCT® range is made up of three families: Pathologic™, Multi-Sport and Sport Specific. Each family consists of up to 6 presentation methods of modules that can be constructed in different ways, enabling you to add comfort and/or correction elements.

The range offers modules that provide a solution to all fitting problem. Available in all shoe sizes.


Pathologic ™ range:


A study carried out by Sidas among all its key influencers worldwide has enabled us to rank the most common reasons for consultation, leading to the creation of a range especially designed to provide solutions to these problems: metatarsalgia, talalgia, supination, pronation and pathologies caused by instability in the mid foot and rear foot.

To certify the efficiency of these pre-designed modules, all the modules have been tested scientifically by practitioners, biomechanists, the Sidas Lab and other independent laboratories such as the University of Reims.


Multi-Sport range


The Multi-Sport range consists of modules designed to meet the demands of regular sporting activity in terms of support and movement. They are tailored to the different fitting shapes impsed by the sports footwear on the market: narrow, medium and wide.

The range is designed to satisfy very scientific requirements such as rear-foot cushioning, midfoot stability and forefoot propulsion and stabilisation. To achieve this, we have designed four modules: Sport Low, Sport Standard, Sport Wide and Sport Wide Foam.


Sport Specific range

The Sport Specific range comprises modules that have been conceived and designed for certain specific sports: running, trekking, winter sports, rugby, cycling, football and golf. They have been conceived and developed to suit the structure and volume of the fitting shapes, in accordance with the foot biomechanics specific to each activity and to provide the kind of support required to each sport.

The modules have been developed by experts in the field and approved by top athletes and practioners.

The material used have been selected from the Podiatech range for their durability, dynamic qualities, resistance to abrasion and their hygienic antibacterial properties.


City range


The City range modules, specially designed for street shoes are still available in the old OPCT® and SPCT® versions. The City modules are designed for four types of fitting module: narrow, slim, standard and volume. Narrow are designed to fit inside very narrow shoes such as high-heeled shoes and fashion shoes. Slim are designed to fit inside slim-fitting shoes such as dance shoes and slim street shoes. Standard are designed to fit inside shoes with medium fitting room such as everyday casual street shoes. Volume are designed to fit inside high volume street footwear such as safety boots. Year 2014 the entire City range will be under one OPCT® concept.


Kids range

We have developed modules especially adapted to the anatomy of kids’ feet. For kids practising a sport activity we recommend a ‘sport module’ which is perfect for every types of activities that require protection and cushioning.


Materials range

Sidas has opened a new laboratory designed to map various materials to measure their properties in order to determine the applications for which they are most suited. This laboratory has also been used to carry out accurate, reproducible tests to quantify scienfifically the effectiveness of different materials and compare them with each other. Wuality and realiability are quaranteed by traceability and the testing procedures for sheet materials.

How do you choose the right sheet materials?

To help you to choose the right sheet materials for you, a new double-entry selection guide lists the materials both by family and by use.

The right material for the right use:

The first of your selection criteria is what you are going to use the material for. To help you we have classified them into 4 categories: 1) top layers, 2) bases, 3) comfort/correction elements and 4) combination materials.

You can apply the degree of specialisation as strictly as you want. Specialised materials represent the forefront fruits of our latest research. These are pioneering products with highest innovation and available exclusively in the Podiatech range. Tried and tested materials have been around for several years and they deliver consistency and quality. Generic materials have recognised qualities at very keen prices.